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Tickets to the St. Paul Santa Crawl are $20. They can be purchased online here.


Once you purchase your ticket, print it out. If you don't have a printer, you can opt to have it mailed to you.


Beginning MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, bring that printed ticket into any Ragstock location in the Twin Cities metro area and exchange it for a wristband.


Ragstock locations:

  • Uptown Minneapolis 1433 West Lake Street M-Sat 10-9 Sun 12-7
  • Eden Prairie 8251 Flying Cloud Drive, Space 2000 M-Sat 10-9 Sun 11-6
  • Maplewood 3001 White Bear Avenue, Space 1069 M-F 10-9 Sat 10-8 Sun 11-6
  • Southdale 10 Southdale Center, Unit 2015 Edina M-Sat 10-9 Sun 11-6
  • Roseville 2195-B Snelling Avenue North M-Sat 10-9 Sun 11-6
  • Rosedale 410 Rosedale- Space 599 & 563 Roseville M-F 10-9 Sat 10-8 Sun 11-6
  • Ridgedale 12401 Wayzata Blvd M-Sat 10-9 Sun 12-6
  • Mall of America 358 South Avenue Bloomington M-Sat 10-9:30 Sun 11-7
  • Golden Valley 7924 Olson Memorial Highway M-Sat 10-9 Sun 11-6

While you're at Ragstock, you'll get 20% OFF your entire purchase of Santa Crawl attire!


You can pick up as many wristbands as you want, as long as you have a printed ticket for each wristband.


If you purchase your ticket online but don't pick it up early at Ragstock, you can pick it up at the crawl itself at Will-Call at O'Gara's Pub & Grill.


Wristbands can also be purchased the day of the crawl at O'Gara's.


You MUST have a wristband to attend the St. Paul Santa Crawl!


Proceeds from wristband sales will go to Toys for Tots.


View the map above for locations along the crawl. Or, open it in a new window here.


Entertainment at the St. Paul Santa Crawl will include:

  • Live Reindeer
  • Carol-oke
  • Dance Parties
  • Costume Contests
  • Drunk Gift-Wrapping Contests
  • Photo Booths
  • XXX-mas Cookie Decorating
  • Holiday bingo by BLINGO
  • Retro Nintendo Game Tournaments by Tipsy Pixels

+ more! We'll update the itinerary with full location details soon. In the meantime, stay up to date on all SPSC news by liking our Facebook page.


What's a Santa crawl?

It's a pub crawl where everyone dresses like Santa Claus.

Do I have to dress like Santa? Can I dress like a reindeer or a ginger bread man instead?

As long as it's in the spirit of the holiday, you can wear whatever you want! Just make sure the naughty bits are nice and covered.

I want to wear an ugly sweater instead.

Cool. Ragstock has a metric butt-load of those.

Will there be live reindeer at the St. Paul Santa Crawl?


What about caroling? Can we do that?

Of course! We're calling it "Carol-oke."

What else is happening at the Santa Crawl?

So much! Drunken gift-wrapping contests, costume contests, XXX-mas cookies, REINDEER, photo booths, dance parties all over the place, BLINGO, retro Nintendo tournaments, and more! Check our Facebook page to stay nice and up-to-date.

How do we get from bar to bar?

Aboard one of Santa's merry sleighs,* which will be running in a circuit to all of the bars all night long.

*Sleighs look suspiciously like party buses.

Do we have to have a wristband to participate?

Yes! Wristbands get you into the bars, special drink pricing, and transportation between the bars. You must have one to participate in the St. Paul Santa Crawl. Buy one now!

And this is a charity pub crawl, right?

Yes! If you bring a toy to the St. Paul Santa Crawl, you'll get a free drink. We donate all toys to Toys for Tots. There will be a toy box at every bar.

How do I get my wristband?

You purchase it online here. Then you print you ticket. Then, STARTING DECEMBER 2, you bring that printed ticket to any metro Ragstock location and exchange it for your wristband. While you're there, you'll get 20 % OFF your Santa costume purchases!

Wristbands can also be purchased at the crawl at any participating bar.

What if I buy a ticket but don't go early to Ragstock?

You can redeem your ticket for a wristband at the Will-Call table at O'Gara's beginning at 4 PM.

What if I show up to the Santa Crawl without a ticket?

You can buy a ticket at Will-Call at O'Gara's too!

Where should I get my Santa costume?


Can I buy wristbands for my friends too?

Yes. You can also pick up their wristbands for them, as long as you have a printed ticket for every wristband you're picking up.

But I don't have a printer.

You can have your ticket mailed to you instead. Mailing will happen two weeks prior to the St. Paul Santa Crawl.

Do I have to be 21 to participate?

Yes. No exceptions. Bah humbug.

I have more questions that you haven't predicted I would ask.

Great. Email us at

This is going to be so much fun!

Yeah, we know!


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